MRKH Malaysia

Challenging Perceptions,

Changing Lives.



Who We Are

MRKH Malaysia is a non-profit support group empowering Malaysian women who were born with MRKH Syndrome, including their families. MRKH Syndrome is a congenital disorder where females were born without uterus and upper vagina, subsequently affecting the health of their kidneys, heart, bones, hearing, as well as mental and emotional wellbeing. This rare syndrome happens to 1 in every 4,000 to 5,000 women all around the world.

"Challenging perceptions, changing lives."

MRKH Malaysia merupakan sebuah kumpulan sokongan untuk wanita Malaysia yang menghidap Sindrom MRKH, termasuk keluarga mereka. Sindrom MRKH adalah keadaan di mana perempuan dilahirkan tanpa rahim dan laluan faraj, lantas memberi kesan terhadap buah pinggang, jantung, tulang, pendengaran, serta kesihatan mental emosi. Sindrom ini terjadi kepada 1 dalam setiap 4,000 ke 5,000 wanita di seluruh dunia.

"Menukar persepsi, mengubah kehidupan."



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Reinforcing Our Sisterhood

Our support group MRKH Malaysia can be found on Instagram and Facebook. The Facebook private group is only for MRKH women and mothers of MRKH girls below the age of 18. We are committed to protecting the identity and privacy of our MRKH sisters. We provide peer support in group and individually, to both MRKH women and partners / families. We will guide you on issues related to your MRKH journey, to enable you lead a normal life. To join, please email us a photo of your medical report or doctor's letter.


Building Stronger Connection

MRKH Malaysia began by taking inspiration from the Beautiful You MRKH Foundation. Today, MRKH Malaysia is a part of the Malaysian Rare Disorders Society (MRDS), supported by Awareness on Suicide Malaysia (AWAS), and works hand-in-hand with the Obstetrics and Gynaecology unit at UKM Medical Centre (UKMMC). UKMMC is the only hospital in Malaysia that does extensive research on MRKH Syndrome. If you or your grown-up daughter has never had any menstruation, please make an appointment with one of the gynaecologists at UKMMC.


Spreading The Awareness

Since our establishment in 2015, MRKH Malaysia has been advocating its cause through various media platforms. We need more doctors and parents to know about MRKH Syndrome. We want to break the cultural stigma that puts unhealthy amount of pressure on being a biological mother. We hope to redefine womanhood, motherhood, and marriage. We wish to educate on the importance of early diagnosis, peer support, psychological health, and sexual health. We aim for uterine transplant to be a reality in Malaysia one day.


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