December 31, 2016

• Represented Malaysia with my band Wani Ardy & the Guitar Polygamy and performed at festivals in Indonesia & Singapore (made AMAZING new friends, the audience was awesome, demo sold out)

• Moved to Ipoh (loving it!) and setup a little bed & breakfast called #RumahIpoh (active flow of guests, beyond my expectations)

• Wrote for a prose & poetry anthology titled Untuk Yang Telah Pergi (positive feedback; a special showcase for readers is on its way) 

• MRKH Malaysia the support group I founded for women with MRKH Syndrome now has doctors/professors/gynaecologists on board (huge thanks to my MRKH sisters)

• Witnessed the beauty of South Island with my family, traveled solo on my birthday, started working out (daily), caving (weekly), & gardening (amateurishly) #cantbeatmom

Alhamdulillah 2016. Assalamu'alaikum 2017.

December 21, 2016

I've always thought that I'm gonna grow old with these boys. Then today I looked at this photo and I thought- damn, we ARE getting old. I mean, look at us. Super exhausted after a late night show and we sure suck-ass at pretending that we're not. Cannot cover dah 😅

But what's most important is that we go on. Years passed by and as of now we haven't stopped. Age eats up your body, yes, but passion fires up your soul. We're lucky and grateful that we've found our contentment. My boys are more than just musicians- they paint, they draw, they make, they create, they compose, they curate, they capture priceless moments, they dig into treasures.

Can you imagine living life without knowing what you heart truly wants, what your mind truly needs? I would rather be old and still doing what I love to do, than be young and still not sure what the hell am I doing here. 

Having said that, I think Wani Ardy & the Guitar Polygamy is ready for 2017. Bismillah!

December 19, 2016

I am so in love with this collage. It is the end of year 2016 and so I would like to say THANK YOU to each and every single one of #RumahIpoh's guests for keeping us fully-booked every weekend and almost every other weekday. Alhamdulillah. 🌿🏡 (Note: Ipoh misses you! Do come again!)

8 months of hosting this little bed-and-breakfast has taught me many things and given me the privilege to connect with many people from all walks of life. I am proud to say that I set up this humble accommodation by myself without external sponsorship or partnership. From reusing my old stuff and making my own furniture, I now can afford to buy secondhand items from recycle shops. From a one-woman show, I now have a trusty assistant Kullest Fafa whom I can count on. Thank you, Fafa! Girl power! ✊🏼

Sure, it is challenging sometimes. I will not lie. Testing my patience to its limit... but like everything else I love to do i.e. writing and music, I am not giving up just yet. In fact we are lookin...

December 18, 2016

(Kongsi lewat malam dengan harapan kurang orang baca.) (Kalau tak kongsi langsung, orang tak tahu pula.)

Saya takut dan gementar, sebenarnya. Dah lama saya tak sertai acara yang betul-betul intim seperti ini. Kali terakhir bagi saya tahun 2012, Di Ruang Tamu, Stor Teater DBP. 

I've told you how UYTP is my favourite anthology of all anthologies I had joined. I've told you how I am most honest, most naked in this one. Now I will actually have to face the readers, and actually talk about it, live. I will have to let them ask me personal questions and I will have to be transparent. Not just me, the other four writers as well. There'll be intimate-interactive book talk and heart-to-heart poetry performances by us.

Again, why did I agree to do this? This is literally me opening my wounds and digging into my scars. But then again- they make me, you know? I am me because of all these. And that is good, eventually. Plus we want to celebrate our readers. We want to know how they feel. We bel...

December 18, 2016

Jika tiap desir ingatanku buatmu adalah sebuah pesawat,
mindaku adalah bandara.
Dengan keberangkatan tanpa batal,
dengan kedatangan tanpa tunda.

Wani Ardy

December 16, 2016

Suddenly Lewat, 2004

Ever fall for a person who can't be yours?

I've always believed that in order for two people to be together, you need more than just chemistry and mutual feeling. Saya bayangkan garis masa dalam perhubungan sesama manusia. Saya bayangkan dunia ini ada banyak landasan masa yang wujud dalam rahsia. And jodoh is when you both are on the same track of time, at one point or another. Only then your paths will collide. 

Kadang-kadang kita terjumpa yang kita sungguh-sungguh suka, tapi waktu itu dia sudah terikat, atau waktu itu dia tidak punya perasaan yang sama. So we move on. We live. Kemudian satu hari, bila bertemu lagi, kita pula sudah terikat, atau kita pula sudah tidak punya perasaan terhadap dia, sedang perasaan dia baru bermula. Or whatever. You don't really get to choose how the puzzle works. It's one of god's beautiful mysteries.

Not everyday you find a person whose heart, body, and soul, are on the same page, the same route, as yours....

December 14, 2016

Many years ago, I went from one art event to another art event to sell my EPs, so that I can gather enough money to pay the costly application fees to various universities in various countries I was desperately applying.

Hidup memang begitu. Kita tak akan dapat semua kita mahu. Dapat biasiswa, tapi yuran permohonan sendiri bayar. Dah kira bagus.

Saya tak ada cerita dramatik untuk dicanang. Hidup saya biasa; tak susah sangat, tak senang sangat. Lepas pascasiswazah, jadi pensyarah. Lepas pensyarah, jadi karyawan sepenuh masa. Dapat buat apa saya cinta, tapi bukan semua orang terdekat saya suka. 

Sijil luar negara, kerja pejabat, dan pangkat tinggi, tetap menjadi kebanggaan majoriti. Ini tak secalit pun salah dan sama sekali saya fahami. So what if I survive working on my own, manage to pay my bills and raise my boy, travel a lil' bit here and there, share my writings and my songs with the world? So what if I'm happy instead of rich? To some of my loved ones, it is still nothing. Saya...

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