May 31, 2017

37. If I need to define love, using a film, it'll be Silver Linings Playbook.

May 29, 2017

Day 2 of this and am happy with the turn-out. Sorry I didn't share this earlier 'cause I wanted to keep my lessons private and small for teens who are on a school break. Anyway, apparently I have empty spots for tomorrow till Friday so yes, text me if you're interested! You can be of any background, 12 y/o and above. This week's promo only 'cause it's the final week of May which is Rumah Ipoh's first anniversary. 

May 28, 2017

Saya kira #IkhlasIllustrated begitu disayangi Tuhan kerana ia didukung oleh orang-orang yang berjiwa hebat seperti penerbitnya Mosyuki Borhan, ilustratornya Kullest Fafa, dan penyuntingnya Karl Agan. Bagaimana saya juga merasa paling disayangi Tuhan apabila 15 tahun lepas doktor mengesahkan saya kekurangan satu organ, namun syukur hari ini saya adalah bonda kepada seorang anak kecil bernama Ikhlas. Life is full of hikmah and secrets. To this day, I am still learning on how to embrace bad news and good news, but mostly on how to believe that it's all good, that Your Creator only want the best for you.

*IKHLAS is available for online purchase via publisher RIPTA at 017 318 3184 or Kullest Fafa the illustrator at 017 476 1364

May 27, 2017

This film isn't the greatest but I don't know why I feel so connected to it. Maybe I could relate to the girl. Maybe I too threw myself at someone like that before. Maybe I just want to be wanted and I want things to pass. I think I miss someone... but I'm not sure who. Or maybe I do know who but I don't want to admit it. The world is an awkward place to be in sometimes. Uncomfortable truth.

May 26, 2017

I didn't know I've been sick. I mean, I know I get sick easily and I know I am not always at the best of my health, but still I was not prepared for what the doctor was gonna tell me. My stamina has been bad. I became breathless on stage and my sight started to become blurry, so I began working out daily, consistently, 2 hours everyday. I didn't know there were other reasons... until I felt a sharp pain and strange weight around my gums, cheeks, and nose. The left side of my face, to be exact. Whatever it is, it doesn't go away. It moves along with me. It probably has always been there but the pain is becoming more obvious now - it's hard for me to ignore it. I thought it was just one of my swollen-gum phases, but it's not. I found out about it just one day before Ramadan. It took me some time to digest what the doctor said to me. I sat in the car alone for about an hour and cried a tear. It's nothing major, really, nothing fatal or terminal or critical. I think I was just scared. And...

May 23, 2017

How is it possible that the most light-hearted book I've ever written is also the most personal, most real? Maybe because every single conversation is true. Maybe because 15 years ago I didn't believe I could be in this position: A writer, writing a memoir on her child. Maybe because like you, I too am an adult who's constantly learning to be ikhlas. You don't need to be a parent to know that kids at super young age don't lie and they say the darndest things all the time!

*IKHLAS is available for online purchase via publisher Ripta at 017 318 3184 or Kullest Fafa the illustrator at 017 476 1364

May 22, 2017

I thought no local film could beat the way Yasmin Ahmad's films made me feel. And then came this. Only this isn't Yasmin. And this isn't 'Sepet'. This is Saw Teong Hin's 'You Mean the World to Me'. If you're into true stories, personal accounts, and mellow drama-- wait, let me rephrase that. If you're a person who has a hard time opening up your heart, you're bad at saying I love you / I'm sorry / please help me, you conceal your secrets and sadness, you don't trust people easily, you build walls around you and you think showing emotions in public is weak, then this film here is for you. The ending gave me shivers and all sorts of feelings no movie has ever given me. 

"You Mean the World to Me (海墘新路) is a 2017 Malaysian semi-autobiographical drama film directed and written by Saw Teong Hin. The film's script was written based on Saw's family history and his estranged relationship with his mother."

May 21, 2017

Congratulations, Sisi Seni on the recent screening of your latest documentary film titled My Ipoh Little Secret. Terima kasih sudi sertakan saya dalam projek ini walaupun saya residen Ipoh yang bongsu sekali. Anda juga boleh tonton karya arahan Cech Adrea ini di dan sebar kemanisannya pada kawan-kawan semua. Ikuti juga perkembangan Sisi Seni di Facebook dan Twitter!

May 20, 2017

Thank you everyone who came over yesterday and shopped with us! Today will be the last day of Rumah Ipoh's chill-out party so those who wish to get their hands on Tokoria's vintage frocks, skirts, and tops, plus books such as #IkhlasIllustrated and UYTP by Ripta- make sure to come today!

I think the best thing about having a chill-out party at home is that, you have strangers from all walks of life suddenly camping at your backyard, picnic-ing with their family, lazying and watching your film collection, buying dresses handpicked from your travels, sharing with you their stories. Rumah Ipoh is open till 10pm tonight. 

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