February 28, 2018

I have at least 2 friends who had miscarriages because of their bosses.

During one of my internships, I was harassed by a group of men in a store room. They put me on a chair, I sat in the middle while they all surrounded me, intimidating me with questions after questions. I was a student.

Many years later, during one of my jobs, I applied for a month of unpaid leave to breastfeed, care for, and bond with my newborn baby. An officer said, "This kind of leave is only applicable to biological moms. Did you give birth to him?" I answered, "No, but legally I am his mother." The officer replied, "You didn't give birth to him; you're not his mother."

(I was born with MRKH Syndrome; I have no uterus. Imagine how I feel.)

My application led me into a meeting with my bosses. While the majority of my bosses were kind, one was extremely insensitive: "So you need the leave to breastfeed eh? And we're having a meeting about it? Whoa, why not we make it a Broadway altogether! Breastfeed the Musical!" An...

February 26, 2018

Perasaan bekerja pada waktu selepas tengah malam dan sebelum subuh adalah sunyi sekali. Will I ever get enough sleep any day throughout life? Saya rasa satu hari nanti bila saya mati, ianya disebabkan tak cukup tidur. In 2 months I have 4 MCs and 2 referral letters for hospitals.

February 19, 2018

I'm gonna say this straight up.

Please read with an open mind:

MRKH Syndrome is more than just about not getting periods ever and not being able to get pregnant for life. Your kidneys, your bones, your hearing, your ovaries, might be problematic too. You may not be able to have sex 'cause you have no vagina and you may feel that you're less of a woman 'cause you have no uterus. There's a huge possibility that you'll fall into depression or any other mental condition. You still have that monthly excruciating pain but no blood is coming out of you, and you probably have some growing cysts too which could very well rupture in you.

I'm not gonna sugarcoat the MRKH life,

yet I'll tell you this:

You will not die.

There are ways to deal with it and you can learn. There are support groups and you can reach out. You may feel less worthy, insecure and lonely, but there are people who'd be willing to make effort and study this syndrome because they love you. There are people who'd really try to underst...

February 18, 2018

I had disappointed my parents for more times than I could remember. I had been a failed daughter, a failed sister, a failed partner, a failed mother. Each time it happened I would try my best to pick myself up, not because I'm strong ('cause I'm not) but because I have no other choice. I would try my best to stop hating myself, stop looking at myself as a failure, and start doing things that could make me a better person and feel worthy again. I would try my best to do things right even though I know I had never and will never get anything 100% right - but I keep on doing what I have to because the world doesn't stop just because I do. Life is an endless journey of struggling to move forward and forgive yourself while looking back every now and then ensuring that you will never repeat the same mistakes ever again. Life is a neverending battle of trying to find that balance between making other people happy and making yourself happy and ensuring that your physical, mental, and emotional...

February 17, 2018

I did not inherit my father's iman and ilmu. I am so far from it. But I try. In my own ways. My effort is so far from enough but I never stop. I keep on trying. I may not show it to the world. I may not put it into words. But God knows I try.

February 14, 2018

Bookings for March 2018 onwards starts now! Be it our bed and breakfast, picnic parties or personalised presents, they are all open for order. Our humble home is the perfect place for you to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, bridal shower, bachelor party, and so many more - intimately with your close friends and loved ones. Sleep over for the night and enjoy your picnic party at the backyard. Bilik Jason is awesome for a group (4 pax), Bilik Mukhsin is convenient for a small family (3 pax), and Bilik Orked is great for a couple (2 pax). Guess what? We can even prepare a romantic room for you, as well as a decorated table indoor, or if you prefer - a dinner picnic under the stars at night. Yes, honeymooners on a budget, you heard us right. And gentlemen, we can also personalise gifts for your lady. We kid you not.

Text us now for more info! (Info that are not available on our About and Services section, that is. We love books and we love people who read.)

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