November 10, 2019

I enjoyed performing at ATAS just now. Sedap bunyi barang dia. Thank you, my old friend Otam and the entire FTP family for inviting me. Hope I did good. Dah lama tak berpentas solo/duo. Rasa macam telanjang, tak boleh sorok belakang band. Terima kasih pada yang menonton dan mendengar. 

November 7, 2019

2 Days of Suicide Prevention & Intervention Workshop

Hopefully with this knowledge of mental health, I will be able to help more MRKH girls and sisters.

And others.

October 27, 2019

Do things for yourself. Acknowledge and celebrate your tiniest achievements. Buy your own flowers for graduation. Buy your own cake for anniversary. Treat yourself to dinner and movie after hard work. You expect this and that but you want it to come from people. It doesn't work that way.

October 25, 2019

Alhamdulillah syukur. Terima kasih buat ucap selamat & sayang sempena ultah kelahiran saya yang ke-35 semalam. Amin yra atas doanya. Matur nuwun juga buat keluarga & sahabat terdekat yang hadir ke resepsi tadi. Terkurang terlebih, njalok ngapuro yo. Harap terbayar dengan tempe.

(Dolled up & saved by my cousin Aida Zabidi)

October 15, 2019

When God made you different, you have two options:

(1) Bersangka buruk dengan Tuhan, see it as a curse, or an end to your life

(2) Let it define you, control you, and take away your power

(3) Feel sorry for yourself and act like a victim of the situation,


(1) Bersangka baik dengan Tuhan, see it as a blessing in disguise, a gift, a beginning

(2) Let it strengthen you and empower you to use that knowledge and experience to create awareness, or try to create peace within yourself

(3) Help others and save your sorryness for people who actually need it.


October 14, 2019

Di ultah kelahiran awak yang pertama sebagai seorang suami dan ayah, saya berdo'a agar Allah Ta'ala menghujani kita dengan keampunan, memberkati kita dengan keimanan, melimpahi kita dengan keseimbangan, dan memewahkan kita dengan kecukupan. Semoga kita berduatiga saling cukup dan saling mencukupkan. Semoga Tuhan selalu menjaga awak seperti awak selalu menjagakan. Happy birthday.

October 13, 2019

If you choose to focus on what you don't have, you will lose the things and the people that you do have. So be careful.

The moment you realize that God is The Most Fair and The Most Kind - Tuhan adalah Maha Adil dan Maha Baik - is the moment when you learn that He creates everything in perfect balance. Kekurangan itu hanyalah kelainan. Semua orang punya kekurangan. Semua orang dicipta berbeza. A disorder is just a difference. And everybody is different. Nobody is in perfect order. We are all equal.


October 12, 2019

Much worse yet often in silent-- people don't talk about the pain of friendship breakup and family breakup as much as they talk about relationship breakup. We've been told air dicincang takkan putus tapi bila hati masing-masing dah mengeras macam ais batu, akhirnya berpecah belahlah jua.

October 7, 2019

Bila kita dengar / lihat orang lain dikurniakan rezeki, belajarlah untuk ucap alhamdulillah. Instead of belittling their rezeki or questioning why the rezeki is not happening to you. Belajarlah merasa bahagia untuk orang lain dan merasa bahagia sendiri tanpa perlu merendah siapa pun.

October 5, 2019

Professor Sonia Grover of The Royal Children's Hospital attended my talk on MRKH Malaysia at PPUKM and told Alison Hensley as well as Kristiina Siiankoski of Global MRKH about it! Don't know if I'll manage to raise enough funds to go to Melbourne for Global MRKH Day 2019, but I am just grateful to be invited. Don't wanna put too much hope. Just thankful enough for this connection and network. Still trying to believe that Kristiina Siiankoski from THE Global MRKH texted me. Syukur alhamdulillah.

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