nom de plume
Gemala Dewi
Guritno Purwakanti

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Wani Ardy is a published author, a copywriter, a poet-performer, and a speaker/advocate with an academic background in creative writing. Along with her band, she turns poems into lyrics and stories into songs. Wani has performed live all over West and East Malaysia since 2006. She also has represented Malaysia at art events, music festivals, and literary programs in Singapore, Jakarta, Makassar, Banggai, Sydney, and Melbourne. 


Graduating with an MA in Creative Writing from Macquarie University in 2010, Wani’s words mainly dance in three languages: Malay, English, and Javanese. Including the recently well-received The Art of Letting Go(d) (2018), she has published over ten books since 2009, two of which are bestsellers; Langit Vanilla (2011) and Untuk Yang Telah Pergi (2016). Her first memoir in English Language titled The Art of Letting Go(d) (2018) remains as its publisher's bestseller to this day.


After multiple books, several records, and partial hearing loss, Wani Ardy has grown into more than just a writer-performer. She's an advocate for rare disorders and women's health - focusing on MRKH syndrome, vaginismus, and sexual anxiety - empowering Nusantara women born without uterus and vagina functionality. An expert by experience, Wani is currently providing peer support as a sexual & intimacy consultant, while her creative work continues to flow on page and stage.


In 2019, she represented Malaysia by speaking and presenting her advocacy work at the Global MRKH Conference in Australia.