Ambient Poetry / Trip-hop / Singer-songwriter

"More than a decade later, Wani Ardy still embodies the spirit of self-discovery and wonderment. Her earliest exploits had deep foundations in the acousti-femme movement of the early 2000s; most of her output from this particular era are standout examples in the lost art of overcoming bleakness with a uniquely beautiful mix of vulnerability and iron will.

Leaving that comfortable niche behind for trippier, more atmospheric pastures; the new Wani exudes a delicate form of toughness and detachment. Marrying the tender, melodic toughness of her early singer/songwriter influences (KT Tunstall, Missy Higgins, Nick & Liesl to name a few) with trippier, slanted fare (recent influences include Sia, Filastine, and Portishead), the upcoming record Raskat is already shaping up to be as eclectic and potentially peerless in its own right; Gelombang Dasar Laut is trip hop with heavy Javanese overtones slathered with feedback and noise, Gula Melaka is poetry underscored with sensual, dreamy synth pop and Lampu Jalan already treads in semi-post rock territory.

Don't be fooled by the bleeps and the ambience and the drum loops, she retains the same level of intensity that made her such a powerhouse in the first place. The Senikatawati is back, and she has never seemed so potent and vital."


Established 2006


Wani Ardy (guitars/vocals)

Acap F (bass/vocals)

Satria Utama (ukulele/synths/loops/samples)

Adi Wafi (toys/percussion)

Subkhi Pumoonkust (synths/loops/samples/percussion)

Nadzri Shaharuddin (guitars)

Afniaz Afiq (drums)


  • Senikatawati (extended play) 2007

  • Meanwhile (extended play) 2009

  • Langit Vanilla/Sekarang Aku Tahu (single) 2012

  • Raskat (full-length album) 2020

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