I cried on my way home. My pathetic problems and I cried on our way home.

It's not fair. These people have jobs. They are not jobless. They work. Just like the rest of us. Yet they live on the streets. Their babies sleep on cardboards like kittens. They are not lazy. They are doing something with their lives. Yet they cannot afford a home. They could neither buy nor rent one. They have to hang around the streets till their kids fall asleep. Their cramped room is only for sleeping and bathing. It's not a home. It doesn't belong to one family alone. Less than RM 800 of salary per 30 days to feed and raise a family of 7, plus a cramped room that's not even a home.

It's not fair.

The government has failed them.

The government has failed ALL of us.

Look what you've done.

I hope you sleep well at night.

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