Still so many pictures of Ikhlas's vacation, unposted. Times like these I feel so grateful to be a WAHM. Working-at-home mom. I think of moms who work at offices & susah nak dapat cuti. Susah nak make the most out of school holidays. Susah nak hantar/ambil anak to/from school. Susah nak aktif dalam PIBG & tolong cikgu. Susah nak commit to school programs. Susah nak datang sekolah spontaneously kalau anak tiba-tiba tak sihat. I think of these moms. I think of how privileged I am. How I get to be fully present & do the things that my mom didn't get to do with me while I was growing up. Because back then, she had to work super hard (along with my dad of course) for our family in the city & her family/parents dekat kampung.⠀ ⠀ I am thankful to my mom for giving me a life that is better than the one she had as a child. The education she gave me enabled me to be the full-time writer, performer, & advocate I am today. And her move from kampung to city gave me a solid ground for me to cultivate my passion into a career.⠀ ⠀ As a kid, I understood her crazy hectic job as "cari duit". But now as a mom, I understand it as sacrifices. I get to be the mom I am today because she was the mom that she was.

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