Idk. Kalau I ada buat lagu dengan my ex-boyfriends (obviously ada) (err more than one or two) (maybe sebab tu I don't really get it bila orang made fun of Taylor Swift writing songs about each of her ex) (like- normal apa) (that's how all songwriters process their thoughts, feelings, and experiences- duh?), I takkan demand for the song to be mine too kot. Especially if I've moved on and got married. I think the price of that peacefulness and stability in life, is more valuable than any song. You can buy songs, but you cannot buy peacefulness and stability in life, which you only achieve once you've moved on from a broken place. If you've reached that point, I think that tops everything. Even an award-winning song.

Vice versa; out of respect, I takkan guna the songs that I made with my ex-boyfriends (wrote and composed together), by turning them into a legit single or album that could potentially build my career and provide me income. Out of respect for my ex-boyfriends and out of dignity for myself and my current partner. (I actually took out a song from my upcoming album because of this. Because I think respect and dignity are important. Maintaining a fresh outlook and trouble-free relationships are important.)

But that's just me.

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