We're moving from Seri Iskandar to Ipoh-- the showcase.

The owner of the event space wanted to postpone our gig to probably February... an idea which I don't really fancy because we've set this event on our schedule and we've promoted it here and there. I'm so thankful that Khizanat is willing to help us out. This sudden change is a bit troubling, yes, but also relieving.

Ipoh has always been special to me.


Ummi and Ayah are going away for umrah tomorrow. Ummi made us siblings sit down and listen to her explanation about her assets and properties - just in case something happens.

Well, I don't like "Just in case." I wanted to tell her "You're not supposed to substitute yourself with your wealth, you know. You're supposed to come back home so please just do that."


I forgot how good Padi is.

"Semua tak sama. Tak pernah sama."

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