Sedang hatimu kalung di leherku, nafasmu loceng di kakiku. Biar jauh aku kayuh, tetap aku dengar keberadaanmu.

Aku kira rindu tidak dicipta oleh tangan yang berpegangan; melain dengan cinta yang tidak kecapaian.

Wani Ardy

Fair Park, Ipoh

4 Februari 2016


How would you know that someone is worthy?

Worth waiting for?

Worth sacrificing for?

Worth caring about?

Worth writing about?

Worth feeling hurt- physically, mentally, and emotionally?

How would you know?

The answer is - most probably - you will never know. You should, however, know that you are not to take people too seriously. You should not take their words literally. You should never, ever, rely on people to not break your heart. When they said they love you, perhaps what they meant was, "I'm lonely." Or "I need someone." Or "Don't leave." Or "Stay." Or "I like you." Or "I want you." Or "You seem interesting at this moment." Or "You just happen to be where I am." Perspective is subjective.

"I love you" has always been the scariest three-word for me. I do not say it often enough because... it is so big. And I am so small. To me, I love you means I love you. It does not mean anything else and nothing bears the exact same meaning. I love you is... I love you. There is no other way round.

But that is only me. This naive girl who secretly believes in dreams and beautiful things.

How sadly wrong I always am.

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