Ayah kata, tanpa sakit, kita takkan kenal sihat. Dan tanpa ujian, kita takkan kenal Allah.

The songwords of Askar and Belajar are in my head right now for some reasons.

I wrote and composed them during the times when I believed in the power of pretending that you're alright. Today, I still believe in it. I believe it's okay to sometimes act like you're happy, like you're strong, like you're beautiful, though deep down inside you feel like the unhappiest, weakest, ugliest person you know to be alive. I believe different people deal with things differently. I believe every journey towards self discovery and self improvement is not the same. Pretending is for hypocrites, some said, but it could be a real coping mechanism to others.

I don't believe that soldiers are 100% strong and brave from the very beginning. I believe they cry many quiet nights and have shitload of silent fears. I believe they start by acting strong and brave, and eventually, they learn to truly be.

We are all strugglers, with secret scars and hidden battles. Be kind, and love generously.

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