Plea: WA&TGP for Australia-Singapore-Vietnam

Assalamu'alaikum and good day, friends and family!

I have a dream, and I need some help to turn it into a reality. This is by far the biggest favor I've ever asked publicly. I believe in my band, my music, and my writings, therefore I am going to shamelessly give it a try anyway.

Dapat atau tidak - alhamdulillah.


My band, Wani Ardy & the Guitar Polygamy, has received invitations to perform at the Malaysia Festival in Sydney, Australia (4 Sept), the Cipta Cita Festival at Esplanade, Singapore (23-24 Sept), and the Quest Festival in Hanoi, Vietnam (4-7 Nov).

Not everything will be covered, so we are in serious need of some funding/sponsors.

We need flight tickets and accommodations. (We can drive to Singapore of course, a journey where money is still needed.)

Our band consists of 7 members plus 1 technician, making 8 people in total. We will be bringing our instruments, equipments, and some things to sell (i.e. Our debut album, our band's t-shirts, and published books written by myself).

We do trip-hop and ambient poetry in Bahasa Malaysia but really, these are just labels. We want the opportunity for our songs to speak for themselves to the world out there. InsyaAllah.

I am not asking you for money. I am hoping for anyone who's reading this to guide me on how should I go about it. I am thinking of approaching Tourism Malaysia, National Department for Culture & Arts, Malaysia Hall, Embassy/Consulate of Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines, and Air Asia. But I don't know exactly who to contact and talk to.

Please leave your comment below should you have any contact detail of anyone whom you think I should reach out to. Who knows-- your little help could lead to something big. After all, over 10 years ago we started small too. :)

Saya hanya bermimpi, merancang, dan mencuba. Sekali lagi; dapat atau tidak - alhamdulillah.

Terima kasih!

Orang kecil, Wani Ardy

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