Thank you

I've been getting tips, advice, words of encouragement, and kind support from thoughtful friends of all sorts since I posted that plea for guidance last Friday.

Some of you have been following us since day one. Some of you have never even heard of our songs or watched us perform.

Some of you shared/spread what I wrote. Some of you asked around for assistance.

Either way, huge or little, you have helped, and we still do need help. Serious help.

On behalf of Wani Ardy & the Guitar Polygamy, I would like to say thank you, dearest friends, for believing in us. You know who you are. We can't do this without you.

I may not be financially rich, but I am grateful to have something that cannot be bought with money. Your friendship and your trust in my music, my writings. I have a long way to go and a lot to learn. Doakan saya yang sedang berusaha dan mencuba. Doakan kami yang kadang segan untuk bermimpi.

Orang kecil, Wani Ardy

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