My Love For You

Last night I dreamed of a miscarriage. I had a miscarriage. It was not a baby. It was my love for you. It was forced out of me.

I had knives and needles in me, searching and digging until finally they found what they believed should be killed.

I felt every inch of my love for you as it was being pulled out of me. It was as if- I was being cut alive. I was so weak I could no longer fight. I let it be though my heart disagreed. My face and my hair were soaking wet with sweat. My arms and my thighs were trembling in pain like I was mad.

When it was finally out, the doctor placed it beside me. My love for you. I looked at it. It was much bigger and much more beautiful than I expected it would be. But it was covered in blood. Too much blood it was a mess. I was in no power to save it; I was too weak to do anything.

I shut my exhausted eyes. I could not bear looking at it being taken away. A part of me had been stolen and I will never be the same again. As my body turned into an empty box, the grey sky began to rain.

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