Every now and then, there will be people who make you feel down, like you're lower or lesser than the person you really are.

These people don't need to be strangers to come up with hurtful words. They can be your family, your bestie, your roommate, your classmate, your teacher or even your partner.

People who are close to you have thousands of ways to belittle you because they know your stories and your history, your weaknesses and your fears. They know how to cut open your scars and turn them into wounds, again and again and again.

Sometimes it reaches a point where you feel tired of trying to do the right thing, and struggling to not feel like a failure or a loser because in the end of the day, what you do or who you are will never be enough in the eyes of the person who downgrades you.

While it is best to muhasabah diri and reflect, it is also equally important to remind ourselves from time to time that the words of humans do not define us.

Stop giving power to people... to break us. Start giving power to ourselves... and make ourselves.

The world can break you, yes.

Love can break me, yes.

But you MAKE yourself.

And I MAKE myself.


Wani Ardy Ipoh

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