Kurang seminggu lagi saya bakal berpentas di sini, sebagai pemuisi-pemuzik Malaysia di bumi Indonesia, sebagai seorang Wani Ardy. Semoga Maha Pengkarya restui.

Sharing via WIEF Foundation:

Besides David Gunn, Wani Ardy of the famed band from Malaysia ‪Wani Ardy & the Guitar Polygamy‬ will also be playing at MOCA Fest 2016's ‎Soundscape Concert‬ at the ‪12th WIEF‬ in ‪Jakarta‬ , ‎Indonesia‬. The band is fast achieving their full potential and has been touring around Malaysia to promote their brand of music.

Marrying the tender, melodic toughness of her early singer/songwriter influences (KT Tunstall, Missy Higgins, Nick & Liesl to name a few) with trippier, slanted fare (recent influences include Sia, Filastine, and Portishead), the upcoming record Raskat is already shaping up to be as eclectic and potentially peerless in its own right; Gelombang Dasar Laut is trip hop with heavy Javanese overtones slathered with feedback and noise, Gula Melaka is poetry underscored with sensual, dreamy synth pop and Lampu Jalan already treads in semi-post rock territory.

Get ready to be 'tripped' away by Wani Ardy at this year's MOCA Fest!

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