Baby Steps

14 years ago when I studied performing arts, learned my roots, and went on stage for the first time, I had a wish: "Sebelum saya mati, saya nak berpentas sampai ke Indonesia. Kongsi karya, sebar jiwa. Sekali pun jadilah."

Years went by, gig after gig, ep after ep. I continued performing throughout my years in Australia and when I returned, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and my music took a turn. We started getting invitations from festivals in various countries but none of them linked to my secret wish. Till 2 months ago.

Today I'm in my car, listening to this demo my band and I have just made especially for my show in Jakarta this week. Can I cry already? :)

I may be slow but by god's will I am where I need to be. Baby steps, Wani. Always baby steps.

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