This has got to be Pasar Boco's biggest DIY banner and probably our biggest entrance too. Boco18's first day went well alhamdulillah, considering it's our first time organizing outside KL/Selangor in 8 years, which really felt like starting all over again, what with building contacts and finding resources from scratch. Yesterday was super hot and sweaty but came evening the weather was lovely and the crowd was festive. Music and poetry nonstop, markets and food trucks swarmed, screening of the final badminton match graced the night away.

Today is Boco18's last day at PORT Ipoh and we'll be on till midnight. It is also Pasar Boco's last event that is 100% owned and managed by me. I'll be collaborating with a younger collective for Boco19 and by the time Boco20 arrives, I will pass this baby down to them to take over completely. Insyaallah. In the mean time, please come and join us celebrate this glorious Sunday under the beautiful Ipoh sky.

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