Letter to Saviour

#songseriesbywaniardy Letter to Saviour, 2002 The first complete song that I wrote and composed happened when I was sixteen (year 2000). Though I could not precisely recall the title (I think it was called 'What the Heck?') or the lyrics (I only memorise bits and pieces of it, like- "who cares" / "only fits size S" / "in the end it comes down to your heart"), I remember it being quite fun and pop-ish; of a teenage's boring life at school, image is bullshit, inner beauty and what not. Cela, Tunjukkan Aku, and Letter to Saviour happened a couple of years later. Letter to Saviour was my first English Language single as a solo singer-songwriter post-Boneca. I was very young when I wrote it. (The amount of grammatical errors, oh lord.) And foolish. And impatient. I expected people to save me. I was scared of them leaving. I hated it when people came only to leave and supposedly turn into some sort of a life lesson for me instead of actually staying. It took me years to learn that my saviour is in the mirror, that everybody will leave, eventually. Still I embraced the journey, just like everything that needs to be experienced in order for me to come into realisation. Songwriting will always be my forte, my first love. The best part of it is that, I am able to reflect; to look back and watch how my thoughts grow through my lyrics and how my emotions grow through my melody. This is the beginning of my song series.

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