#songseriesbywaniardy Cela, 2002 After school, my Subang friends and I went separate ways- uni, college and all. Thanks to our love for music (Cranberries!) we still lepak on weekends and jammed whenever we gathered. This led to Boneca - my first band - an excuse for us kids to hang out, really. I was not confident enough to sing my own songs and have always loved Nazila's voice. She became the vocalist, Shukor helped me out with the guitar, Eric with the bass, Niza played the drums when we got to jam in the studio, occasionally Raden would tag along too. I wrote and composed Cela and backed up Nazila though I sounded like a chipmunk. Being a very young lyricist and composer, I did not expect Cela to spread like crazy to the point that I heard strangers singing it in public transportations and at cyber cafes. (You need to understand this was way before the viral era.) Funnily it went on some radio stations without my permission and some established artists made a cover of it for their album without informing me. Some independent bands on MySpace claimed it was theirs, happily embracing praises and listeners while I just casually commented- "Dude. Really?" They disappeared. 😂 Though I didn't take Boneca seriously and just enjoyed having fun with my friends, Cela remains as my foundation, my stepping stone to the scene. So many years have passed and we're still the best of friends, now surrounded by our kids nevertheless! reverbnation.com/boneca

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