Tunjukkan Aku

#songseriesbywaniardy Tunjukkan Aku, 2002

If I must choose between Cela and Tunjukkan Aku, I'd choose Tunjukkan Aku as my favourite Boneca song. Tunjukkan Aku didn't gain much attention compared to Cela, but it was more 'me' on a personal level. Cela's character is more confident and I think my close friends would know that my confidence has always been crap. I am forever thankful for Nazila's amazing vocal range, especially on the low notes 'cause god knows I can't sing shit for this song. Lol (Jadi the usual back-up chipmunk bolehlah) Tunjukkan Aku is possibly my first piece where I got in touch with my Indonesian background. Part of my family (both maternal and paternal) speak Javanese including me, but I was not brave enough to write lyrics in Javanese (I did, many years later, for Rangkul Aku) and I was scared of looking poyo writing lyrics in Indonesian. I wrote it in the usual BM instead, trying my best to be as honest as I can about how I felt at that moment. You can hear a lot of "kamu" (and even "beda" / "musik" / "bisa") in Tunjukkan Aku though I dislike using it in my songs but entahlah, it just came out, flowing. I tried changing it but it didn't feel real. Sometimes great things or great people happen to you but you don't think you're worthy enough to deserve it. You think it's too good to be true. You build walls around you thinking they'll keep you safe. You don't believe in happy endings. That was me when I wrote Tunjukkan Aku. And I still have a little bit of that in me, you know, just in case. :) reverbnation.com/boneca

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