Suddenly Lewat

#songseriesbywaniardy Suddenly Lewat, 2004 Ever fall for a person who can't be yours? I've always believed that in order for two people to be together, you need more than just chemistry and mutual feeling. Saya bayangkan garis masa dalam perhubungan sesama manusia. Saya bayangkan dunia ini ada banyak landasan masa yang wujud dalam rahsia. And jodoh is when you both are on the same track of time, at one point or another. Only then your paths will collide. Kadang-kadang kita terjumpa yang kita sungguh-sungguh suka, tapi waktu itu dia sudah terikat, atau waktu itu dia tidak punya perasaan yang sama. So we move on. We live. Kemudian satu hari, bila bertemu lagi, kita pula sudah terikat, atau kita pula sudah tidak punya perasaan terhadap dia, sedang perasaan dia baru bermula. Or whatever. You don't really get to choose how the puzzle works. It's one of god's beautiful mysteries. Not everyday you find a person whose heart, body, and soul, are on the same page, the same route, as yours. Sometimes you're too early. Sometimes you're too late. If you get lucky, once in your life, you'll be on time.

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