Kamar Rahsia

(Kongsi lewat malam dengan harapan kurang orang baca.) (Kalau tak kongsi langsung, orang tak tahu pula.) Saya takut dan gementar, sebenarnya. Dah lama saya tak sertai acara yang betul-betul intim seperti ini. Kali terakhir bagi saya tahun 2012, Di Ruang Tamu, Stor Teater DBP. I've told you how UYTP is my favourite anthology of all anthologies I had joined. I've told you how I am most honest, most naked in this one. Now I will actually have to face the readers, and actually talk about it, live. I will have to let them ask me personal questions and I will have to be transparent. Not just me, the other four writers as well. There'll be intimate-interactive book talk and heart-to-heart poetry performances by us. Again, why did I agree to do this? This is literally me opening my wounds and digging into my scars. But then again- they make me, you know? I am me because of all these. And that is good, eventually. Plus we want to celebrate our readers. We want to know how they feel. We believe we/they are not alone. Mungkin sebab itu acara ini khusus buat pembeli-pembaca UYTP. Buku anda adalah 47% harga tiket anda. Tempat juga terhad. I hope what happens at Kamar Rahsia, stays at Kamar Rahsia.

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