Happy New Year!

I've always thought that I'm gonna grow old with these boys. Then today I looked at this photo and I thought- damn, we ARE getting old. I mean, look at us. Super exhausted after a late night show and we sure suck-ass at pretending that we're not. Cannot cover dah 😅 But what's most important is that we go on. Years passed by and as of now we haven't stopped. Age eats up your body, yes, but passion fires up your soul. We're lucky and grateful that we've found our contentment. My boys are more than just musicians- they paint, they draw, they make, they create, they compose, they curate, they capture priceless moments, they dig into treasures. Can you imagine living life without knowing what you heart truly wants, what your mind truly needs? I would rather be old and still doing what I love to do, than be young and still not sure what the hell am I doing here. Having said that, I think Wani Ardy & the Guitar Polygamy is ready for 2017. Bismillah!

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