Favourite Things 2016

• Represented Malaysia with my band Wani Ardy & the Guitar Polygamy and performed at festivals in Indonesia & Singapore (made AMAZING new friends, the audience was awesome, demo sold out) • Moved to Ipoh (loving it!) and setup a little bed & breakfast called #RumahIpoh (active flow of guests, beyond my expectations) • Wrote for a prose & poetry anthology titled Untuk Yang Telah Pergi (positive feedback; a special showcase for readers is on its way) • MRKH Malaysia the support group I founded for women with MRKH Syndrome now has doctors/professors/gynaecologists on board (huge thanks to my MRKH sisters) • Witnessed the beauty of South Island with my family, traveled solo on my birthday, started working out (daily), caving (weekly), & gardening (amateurishly) #cantbeatmom Alhamdulillah 2016. Assalamu'alaikum 2017.

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