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Sharing this 'cause I receive writing samples every week! I'm sorry I can't speak on behalf of companies I have no relation with. Tak manis. :) Submitting manuscripts isn't just about emailing. First, RESEARCH on the publishing companies. Lain syarikat penerbitan, lain gaya/tujuan. Kadang karya ditolak bukan sebab tak bagus, tapi tak kena dengan gaya/halatuju mereka. Get to know them & their books. Find out what they're looking for, what the market's like. The moment you decide on getting published, it isn't just about you anymore. Like everything that needs balance, you'll have to juggle 'em all into consideration- pembaca, penerbit, apa awak nak tulis. SELUT BOOKS is an online bookstore that houses many publications i.e. Sang Freud Press (penerbit buku² saya), Selut Press, Perfect Binding, & Roman Buku. Each has different styles/aims, so figure that out before sending in. @selutbooks selutbooks.com karyaselut@gmail.com RIPTA is a baby company that produces creative work; books & shorties as of now, with music in future plan. As one of its editors, I'd say that RIPTA needs strong work & strong artists/karyawan to move towards stability & establishment, so that we can afford to invest in more projects later. If your work is good (sama ada koleksi prosa/puisi atau skrip filem pendek) but you're not ready to join the big guns just yet & feel more comfy in a smaller organisation where we can grow together, RIPTA is your home. @rumahripta fb.com/pg/rumahripta rumahripta@gmail.com CQ MALAYSIA is a bilingual, downloadable, creative writing e-magazine where I'm the co-editor in chief. Here we want write-ups & articles, interviews & reviews, poems & short stories, biographies & memoirs, photographs & travelogues. Our contributors are of different backgrounds & our readers are literally from all over the world. Macam Reader's Digest yang muda & berjiwa Malaysia. Anyone can contribute so long the work is grammatically correct- BM or BI! @cqmalaysia https://issuu.com/cqmag cqmalaysia@gmail.com Salam maju jaya. Tak kira apa pun terjadi, jangan berhenti. We don't become writers by having our writings published; we become writers by writing consistently.

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