MRKH Malaysia x O&G PPUKM

The 3rd Annual Gathering of MRKH Malaysia & 1st Collaboration With The Obstetrics & Gynecology Unit of PPUKM Thank you to Prof. Amy, Prof. Azurah, Dr. Harizah, Dr. Anizah, and the rest of the O&G team for your study, your research, your support, and your understanding. We are so grateful and honoured to have you on board. Thank you to my MRKH sisters for your time, your dedication, your honesty, and your opinions. This isn't just about us anymore- we are now helping other girls as well; the next generation of Malaysia's MRKH women. MRKH Syndrome is a congenital disorder that happens to 1 in every 5000 women all around the world where girls were usually born without a uterus and/or without a vagina, leading to other issues related to the kidneys, bones, and hearing, subsequently affecting their mental and physical health.

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