Why do we think of the people who don't think of us?

Why do we miss the person who doesn't miss us in return?

It doesn't make sense.

Time has passed by and everyone has moved on but me--

it doesn't make sense.

I tell myself again and again;

it's the memories, Wani. It's the memories.

You are holding on to the memories.

Okay. Fine. But why? And until when?

This is ridiculous.

I should not love someone this much.

It used to be tiring but now I'm immune to it,

so I am currently feeling annoyed instead of exhausted.

Annoyed by my own heavy heart.

Wani oh Wani.

Remember how you stopped believing in love and everything was alright then?

Well, you've screwed that up.

The moment you fell in love, you're damned.

You will never be the same again.

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