Thought I'd share my next project with you! :) Kalau tahun 2015 & 2016 adalah tahun The Creative Co, insya-Allah tahun 2017 & 2018 adalah tahun Koleseni Ipoh. (Maybe it'll stretch longer? Who knows kan?) Every now and then, Fafa, Arriff, and I have been giving informal private lessons to youngsters, with Fafa on doodling, Arriff on singing, and yours truly on writing. Koleseni is basically us tutors coming together and making it official. (Our qualifications and experiences are on fb.com/koleseni.ipoh 'cause we understand how parents need to be convinced sometimes! Dah selalu kena sebelum ini sebab wajah kami kebudak-budakan walaupun usia tak begitu muda lol) If you live around Ipoh and you wish to learn how to doodle/sing/write, do contact us on Facebook. Details are there. Fees are very affordable and we're flexible in terms of date, time, and venue. Class is just an hour a week, pick any subject, and we'll tailor the lesson according to your needs. Only 1-2 students at one time, so yes, macam zaman sekolah dulu kita ada tusyen peribadi, tapi ini tusyen peribadi yang kita tak menyampah nak pergi. HEHE. Help us spread the word! ;) fb.com/koleseni.ipoh

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