Tiada besi yang mampu melurus bahu dan tiada perisai yang mampu mendukung hati dari runtuh berderai apabila tuan doktor berkata: Kami sudah sehabis cuba. Masa untuk mengesahkan pemergiannya. Two years ago, three months after Ibu (my dear aunt) passed away, I lost Papa. Papa and Mama are my beloved uncle and aunt who took care of me when I was little. Mama and Ibu are siblings, so in a period of 100 days, Mama had lost both her sister and her husband. Till this very day I cannot really talk about Papa. I can listen to other people talk about him but I myself can't. My knees will weaken and my eyes will well up, and it would feel like breaking down all over again outside the ICU in 2015. Wani tak kuat, Pa. Al-Fatihah untuk Papa. Saad bin Kemi.

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