"indie rates"

Do not choose full-time independent artists (artists = people who ACTUALLY CREATE and PRODUCE something, e.g. writers, musicians, filmmakers, illustrators, designers, photographers, curators, etc.) for "indie rates." There is no such thing as "indie rates" as opposed to professional rates. The way there is no such thing as indie rice, indie water, indie petrol, or indie electricity. Tak ada sewa rumah indie, talian telefon indie, insurans kesihatan indie -- TAK ADA. Independent artists need to eat and drink, move around and pay bills just like you do, and we don't get "indie rates" for these. "Independent" is in how we work and how we are not tied to any ideology or establishment. That is all. Our final product/service is professional, according to the agreed concept and requirement. Hence ours are professional rates too, just like any other living, working humans. You heard that right- we work! And this is our full-time job! SURPRIIIIIIIIIISE <3

Terima kasih, Wani Ardy

P.S. Payment and token are two VERY different things. Let's learn to be careful with the way we use these terms. Saya pun masih belajar! ;)

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