Apologies for being out of the country (read: internet-less) and for perhaps being the last person to announce the release of IKHLAS!

This illustrated memoir of conversations is published by Ripta, with drawings by Kullest Fafa and stories by yours truly. To be frank, without Fafa's doodlings, I think my writings would be nothing; just ramblings of an easily amused, easily annoyed, easily emotional young mommy. But maybe that's why this book is special to us. It is honest, simple, and real. Both of us, two ordinary people, trying to create something enjoyable (yet meaningful) and share it with the world. We hope you will like this book as much as we do! Insyaallah.

Preorders available NOW via Ripta at 017 318 3184 (Whatsapp/SMS only). First 50 preorders will receive a special gift! P.S. I'm sorry I am not the person who manages these online orders or the stock of the book, so please contact Ripta directly, ok? Thank you!

IKHLAS will also be sold at PBAKL 2017 (Selut Books's booth) where Fafa and I will be at, this Saturday 29th of April from 4pm to 6pm just in case you wanna meet-and-greet. Yup, it's a date!

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