You Mean the World to Me (2017)

I thought no local film could beat the way Yasmin Ahmad's films made me feel. And then came this. Only this isn't Yasmin. And this isn't 'Sepet'. This is Saw Teong Hin's 'You Mean the World to Me'. If you're into true stories, personal accounts, and mellow drama-- wait, let me rephrase that. If you're a person who has a hard time opening up your heart, you're bad at saying I love you / I'm sorry / please help me, you conceal your secrets and sadness, you don't trust people easily, you build walls around you and you think showing emotions in public is weak, then this film here is for you. The ending gave me shivers and all sorts of feelings no movie has ever given me.

"You Mean the World to Me (海墘新路) is a 2017 Malaysian semi-autobiographical drama film directed and written by Saw Teong Hin. The film's script was written based on Saw's family history and his estranged relationship with his mother."

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