Ujian Ramadan came early.

I didn't know I've been sick. I mean, I know I get sick easily and I know I am not always at the best of my health, but still I was not prepared for what the doctor was gonna tell me. My stamina has been bad. I became breathless on stage and my sight started to become blurry, so I began working out daily, consistently, 2 hours everyday. I didn't know there were other reasons... until I felt a sharp pain and strange weight around my gums, cheeks, and nose. The left side of my face, to be exact. Whatever it is, it doesn't go away. It moves along with me. It probably has always been there but the pain is becoming more obvious now - it's hard for me to ignore it. I thought it was just one of my swollen-gum phases, but it's not. I found out about it just one day before Ramadan. It took me some time to digest what the doctor said to me. I sat in the car alone for about an hour and cried a tear. It's nothing major, really, nothing fatal or terminal or critical. I think I was just scared. And shocked. But I'm okay now. I'm feeling much better. Calmer. Spending as much time as I can with my baby 'cause I know I'll miss him next week. Everything will be alright. Insyaallah. Amin.

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