The existence of true love

Most of the time I don't really believe in true love. I think it's just an idea or a concept to make people feel good and better, which is not at all wrong, only I don't buy it. To me, what happens is simply two humans surviving each other's words and actions till the day they die. That's it. Happiness is not a top priority. If we have food on the table, roof above our heads, clothes to wear, we're very blessed. What else could we ask for? When I look at those people in war and refuge, I feel ashamed. I should be counting every little thing that Allah SWT is lending me while I am still alive. The fact that right now I have the time and tools to actually sit and reflect about the existence of true love is already a privilege, a luxury. They can't afford that. I have something that others can't afford. The only thing I should be feeling is grateful.

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