Write (Just Because)

Write because you want to write and not because you want to be liked. If you write with the intention and expectation of being liked, one day, you will die. Because no matter how favourable and how celebrated your writings are, they are still not enough and will never be enough to win the heart of every single person who reads them. That's correct, you will reach a point where you'll want to win them ALL (though you may not admit this), for you have been groomed and weakened by praises. Sooner or later you will find someone who does not like your writings, or hate them, even. And it will destroy you. This person's honest words of opinion will leave you disturbed and cause you sleepless nights. Writing will be something that is able to kill you, more than something that gives you freedom and enjoyment. The death of a writer is when the writing stops because of fear. Fear of those writings not being liked.

W. A.

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