My Bestfriend

Last night I dreamt about falling in love with My Bestfriend. It was the weirdest thing in the world. I had never seen My Bestfriend in that light. If I did, I would have felt differently towards My Bestfriend and My Bestfriend would probably have been My One instead of My Bestfriend. Everything about My Bestfriend was true in that dream, but why didn't I see My Bestfriend that way before? This morning I woke up with a changed view. I did not reach out for My Bestfriend like I usually do everyday because I am afraid of falling in love with My Bestfriend in real life. I know what they say - who else should you fall in love with if not your bestfriend? But My Bestfriend has seen too much of me. If I were to fall in love with My Bestfriend, I got nothing left to keep to myself.

W. A.

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