On priorities and keeping it real.

Here's how I see it: There's nothing sexy or mysterious, strange or rebellious about my writings and my music. They're very ordinary, very me. I'm not gonna overhype or sugarcoat it. It is what it is. I'm scared of misusing words like avant-garde or experimental. I mean, even if my work appeared that way, I wouldn't know. Labelling is not my job; I'm not a critic. I'm a maker. I do what I like. I don't intentionally make art, though - I just make things based on my thoughts and feelings. If they happen to be "art" according to people, then cool. If not, it's still cool because not everyone has the ability to create. My biggest enemy is myself. I can't afford to waste my energy on trying to be different. I need to focus on creating and keeping it consistent. That's more important.

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