Congratulations, Christina!

This is Christina. The first time I 'saw' her was 6-7 years ago through Skype. She was the first MRKH woman who got in touch with me personally, the first MRKH woman I spoke to verbally, the first MRKH woman whom I laid my eyes on. She may not know this but after that Skype session, I burst into tears. I was 25. All my life I had felt alone throughout my MRKH journey, with no actual, specific person to refer and relate to, only websites and medical journals. 'Seeing' her right in front of me, though on screen, was overwhelming and almost mind blowing.

Inspired by Christina who's the co-founder of MRKH Beautiful You Foundation, 5 years later when I turned 30, I decided to start a support group here in my country: MRKH Malaysia. I wanted other MRKH girls to not feel alone, the way Christina made me feel that I was not alone. Now 3 years later, with the help of my newly-found Malaysian MRKH sisters (it was never my effort alone; couldn't have done it without them), our support group has about 40+ members including gynaecologists and medical practitioners. To this day, I have yet to meet Christina in person but the distance between us doesn't stop me from admiring her positive energy.

Christina just got married to the love of her life today (or was it yesterday? damnit time difference got me confused!) and I'd like to wish her all the happiness in the world because she most definitely deserves it. Congratulations, Christina and Zach! Love and light all the way from Malaysia, Wani. _ *MRKH Syndrome is a congenital disorder that happens to 1 in every 5000 women all around the world where girls were usually born without a uterus and/or without a vagina, leading to other issues related to the kidneys, bones, and hearing, subsequently affecting their mental and physical health.

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