#RumahIpoh: The Wait Is Over

Bookings for March 2018 onwards starts now! Be it our bed and breakfast, picnic parties or personalised presents, they are all open for order. Our humble home is the perfect place for you to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, bridal shower, bachelor party, and so many more - intimately with your close friends and loved ones. Sleep over for the night and enjoy your picnic party at the backyard. Bilik Jason is awesome for a group (4 pax), Bilik Mukhsin is convenient for a small family (3 pax), and Bilik Orked is great for a couple (2 pax). Guess what? We can even prepare a romantic room for you, as well as a decorated table indoor, or if you prefer - a dinner picnic under the stars at night. Yes, honeymooners on a budget, you heard us right. And gentlemen, we can also personalise gifts for your lady. We kid you not.

Text us now for more info! (Info that are not available on our About and Services section, that is. We love books and we love people who read.)

IMPORTANT NOTE Rumah Ipoh is a private bed & breakfast and not a hotel or a homestay. We do not take walk-ins and calls. Our premise is only open to paid guests for their privacy and comfort.

Did we also tell you that we are now (finally!) on Instagram?


Eh. Follow us ok. We know you sibuk want to cuti already.

Tong tong tong chiang!


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