The MRKH Life

I'm gonna say this straight up.

Please read with an open mind:

MRKH Syndrome is more than just about not getting periods ever and not being able to get pregnant for life. Your kidneys, your bones, your hearing, your ovaries, might be problematic too. You may not be able to have sex 'cause you have no vagina and you may feel that you're less of a woman 'cause you have no uterus. There's a huge possibility that you'll fall into depression or any other mental condition. You still have that monthly excruciating pain but no blood is coming out of you, and you probably have some growing cysts too which could very well rupture in you.

I'm not gonna sugarcoat the MRKH life,

yet I'll tell you this:

You will not die.

There are ways to deal with it and you can learn. There are support groups and you can reach out. You may feel less worthy, insecure and lonely, but there are people who'd be willing to make effort and study this syndrome because they love you. There are people who'd really try to understand your condition, and truly learn how to handle you physically, mentally, and emotionally. These people are rare but they exist. Don't lose hope in finding them and once you've found them, don't let them go.

But most importantly, don't lose hope in yourself, and don't let the syndrome define you. You are 1 in every 5000 women; you are God's secret. You're not all right, but you're totally okay.

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