"This is Wani Ardy’s homecoming. Back in the big city, she rediscovers her roots:- her love for the acoustic guitar and coffee shop confessionals. Together with her five-piece band, Wani tells stories about anything and everything; all filtered through the mystical kaleidoscope of her Javanese heritage."

I've made a lot of mistakes in my life. Hurt a lot of important people. Hurt myself even much, much worse. Literally and figuratively. But one of the few things that I do right is my writings and my music. They're never anything grand but they're everything I could ever share. Today I've decided to focus on what God still allows me to borrow, rather than what I don't have anymore. While I'm battling through a testing yet humbling journey of acceptance and recovery, this right here is my comeback. InsyaAllah.

I'll see you tonight after work. Please come.

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