Guardian Angels

Here's my confession: I watch pregnancy announcement videos as guilty pleasure. Like many other MRKH women, I have come to terms and made peace with my condition. I wholly accept my takdir and wholly believe in hikmah. But more than an MRKH woman - I am a woman, with feelings and desires. I guess what I'm trying to say to my MRKH sisters is that... it's okay. Some days are hard, some days are alright. Either way, it's okay. We still have a lot. We have so much.

God bless you, Prof. Amy. And your whole team (Prof. Anizah, Dr. Harizah) at UKM for researching on MRKH Syndrome and for being part of our support group MRKH Malaysia. What have we done to deserve kind and thoughtful professionals like all of you on board. Not only are you medical experts, but more than that, you are humans with hearts. Thank you for your sensitivity, for responding to our every inquiry, for being caring and concerned on how we feel and see things. Thank you for asking us questions that other people wouldn't know and wouldn't care to ask.

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