Ikhlas's Report Card Day

Report Card Day. In summary, Ikhlas's strength is Math, Science, and Iqra'. He improved in reading and writing but literacy is not really his favourite. He's a tactile learner, which means he learns best through visual-audio, hands-on and physical activities. Ikhlas paling suka main bola dan jadi imam bila solat dengan kawan-kawan.

As Cambridge's academic year ended along with the month of July, so did Ikhlas's preschool era at Idrissi. He had the best of time with the best of teachers and friends, alhamdulillah, and I shall be forever thankful. 6y/o Ikhlas will be starting a new era in a local-syllabus school beginning this 1st of August; 4 months of kindy and then Standard 1 OMG. May Allah ease my baby's transition and may he'll adapt smoothly upon challenges... insyaallah, amin ya rabbal alamin. Mohon aunties & uncles doakan ya?

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