Except overwhelmed "thank you" and "alhamdulillah", I often find myself not knowing how else to react every time people come up to me telling me that they can feel what I feel; they can relate to my writings. I am a selfish writer. It is my weakness. I rarely write as a response or on behalf of anybody else. I respond to me. To the voices in my head. To the characters that I see through my eyes. To the news that I choose to read. I often forget that this is the social media. This is the internet. I share. People read. My bad. See, I write quite shamelessly- if you prefer the word 'shamelessly' over the word 'honestly'. I sometimes struggle to look at people in the eye; afraid they'll peek into my crooked soul. But give me a blank page at anytime- my god, do I magically bare it all.

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