Kawan-kawan Ipoh

Unpopular opinion: Food in Ipoh is nothing. Compared to its people. Its people is something. Thank you so much Kak ET for the best brownies in Ipoh! Saya tak banyak kawan perempuan selama 2 tahun menetap di Ipoh dulu. Kak ET adalah salah satu daripada tiga, barangkali. The other two was Kak Luly whom I went to dance fitness classes with and Fafa who assisted me in hosting Rumah Ipoh and now has taken over the management of the bed-and-breakfast. Also, thank you Yus and Nureen for the gorgeous bouquet of lilies and lemons by Maryam Flowers! Yus and Nureen were part of Panggung HBRT as production crew. Yes, all the way from Ipoh. Kalau ada rezeki untuk Panggung HBRT dipentaskan lagi, insyaallah sinografi bakal direka oleh mereka berdua ini. See, this is why I will never get over Ipoh. :)

I have always admired the way Adam Jalaludin build and shape PBUY into becoming the label it is today. I had an experience of doing copywriting for them before and it was an honour to learn about their philosophy. Adam also toured with my band WIDYA when we represented Malaysia at a festival in Singapore and he was a very attentive crew. So it was no wonder that when Rumah Ripta chose Ipoh as its first destination for #rapatripta, I thought of PBUY Store straight away. Thank you so much PBUY and family for accommodating us. Such homey boutique cafe, with selected drinks and pastries by drinka.my and a humble event space upstairs managed by Jojo of KOLEK. I had perfect minty milky green tea for two days in a row. Saya mesti datang lagi untuk bikin acara di ruang atas pula. Harap ada yang sudi hadir nanti. I also must mention that I had a good conversation with Amirul Ooi Ashraf of Debutscissor that day. Kedai gunting rambutnya bersebelahan saja dengan PBUY. Kami berbual tentang hidup, keluarga, dan Tuhan. Mengingatkan saya pada kebaikan hati kawan-kawan lama di Ipoh. Saya mungkin pergi tiba-tiba, tapi sebenarnya saya ada untuk semua selagi saya terdaya.

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