Wani Ardy di Singapura

Selamat tengahari, Singapura! I arrived yesterday from KL and had so much fun jalan-jalan the whole day even though I was super sleepy and super tired. Note: Didn't sleep AT ALL the day before my flight. After checking in 7 Wonders Capsule Hostel, my 'tourist guides' brought me to Yizun Noodle at Sam Leong Road where I tasted the best Lanzhou lamian oh my lord. The beef black pepper was the bomb. Then we went to the Gillman Barracks at Lock Road for the Singapore International Photography Festival and Art After Dark. It was super happening with live music, barbecues, visual arts exhibition - didn't expect I would enjoy exploring so many art galleries at night. A visual artist I discovered which is my favourite among all was Si Jae Byun from Korea whom I plan to stalk later. Work dia cantik nak mati you wonder apa benda mamat ni makan and fikir? After the festivities, we went to 2am Dessert Bar at Holland Village. I've got four words for you: Dark. Chocolate. Salted. Caramel. Theeeese are a combo of my favourite thiiiiingssss~ Hari ini aktiviti saya ialah menyertai Gig Puisi di Perpustakaan Daerah Woodlands pada jam 5 petang sempena Bulan Bahasa. Terima kasih @docket.sgkerana memperkenalkan Shahril Samri pada saya - beliau sangat membantu orangnya. Kita jumpa nanti ya?

Also, insyaallah I will be representing Malaysia tomorrow at the Causeway Exchange Festival here in Singapore for a dialogue between writers. I will also share my poem and song at the end of the talk. Singaporeans, hope to see you tomorrow at The Arts House at The Old Parliament!

P.S. I received sooo many orders for The Art of Letting Go(d) the moment I touched down, it was overwhelming! Thank you so much for your interest! Looks like I definitely need to reprint more. I'll update you when I get back to Malaysia, okay? Thank you!

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