An Ugly Episode

I drove alone to Ipoh last night. Three hours. Another weekend work trip. My life has been extremely heavy this year: Lots of serious changes and impactful transition and emotional baggage - personal wise. Lots of gigs and travelling and crazy schedule - career wise. With fatigue, I don't always think straight. I just keep swimming and swimming that whenever I breakdown, I fail to understand where is this moment of weakness coming from, 'cause I have been keeping myself consistently busy and distracted all the time, so why am I still not healing, why do I still have these ugly episodes, when will I ever get things right. I overestimated my strength in the past, and today, I still miscalculate my strength. Why oh why. Dear self, 1) reach for your dreams but stick to your pace and capability 2) preserve your mental health and sanity, remember how you legit did almost lose it 3) you still have a lot to learn about yourself, you don't know everything. All the best.

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